Shopping in Aizawl

For shopaholics, Aizawl is sure a delight for one can find different kind of traditional and cultural attires and accessories which are of Mizo origin. Shopping experience in Aizawl would in fact be a successful affair, like the other north-eastern states where handicrafts are unique and distinct.

Shopping in Aizawl

What you can shop in Aizawl

Aizawl is the biggest city in Mizoram, and so people here prefer shopping in Aizawl other than any other city in Mizoram. The main traditional craft of Mizoram is woven products. The artifacts made by the locals here are incomparable and totally flawless. Bamboo and cane is produced in the forests of Aizawl in huge amounts.

The craft items woven by the people range from bamboo handicraft objects to other necessary utilities. Baskets, hats, tables, etc are just a few of the different types of items made by the people here which are not only pretty to look at but also strong and durable.

Shopping areas and markets in Aizawl

One can visit the different market areas in Aizawl and purchase products such as flower vases, furniture items and other knick knacks which are good decorative items. Bara bazaar is a shopping area here in the city which is in fact the primary shopping zone. Apart from Bara bazaar, there are some other shopping joints as well such as the Ritz market, Burma Lane, Thakthing Bazaar, New market and Solomon cave known for shopping.

Apart from these market areas there are some other government initiatives as well as some private ownership outlets that deals with some great products for sale to the tourist and the locals. State government emporium is a place which provides hand crafted items to the people and this is a state government organization. Hnam Chhantu is another place that can be checked in for the purpose of shopping. You can also shop Millenium Center (Dawrpui), Lalbuaia Shopping Complex (Chaltlang) and TS Market (Chinga Veng).

Important Markets in Aizawl

Millennium Mall in Aizawl

This is a recent entry in the shopping arena of Aizawl. With the construction of this mall, Aizawl has also set its foot in the mall culture that has engulfed the whole of India. From clothes and accessories for ladies and men and chhildren, there are handloom products in this mall as well.

New Market

This is an open market in Aizawl with shops lined up on either sides where you can shop for shoes, clothes, bags and sandals

Bara Bazar

This is a must shop for all locals as you get quality fresh vegetables and fruits, pork, mutton and chicken. Most of the shop keepers are women and inspite of selling fish and meat, this market is surprisingly clean.

Solomon's Cave Market

Ideally, this is should be called the first mal of Aizawl cosntructed about 15-20 years back. Jackets are very popular items sold in the market here.

Millennium Center  

This is an important market in Aizawl and a popular hangout place for the youngsters. Every evening and weekends, you will find young people hanging out with friends and eating and shopping here. Some of the goods that you can purchase from here are  branded apparels, gift items, handicrafts, watches, accessories for women, etc

So, with these have a wonderful time shopping in Aizawl.
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