Culture of Aizawl

The ethnicity of Aizawl consists of various tribes and sub tribes which have been residing here since ages. Traces of different culture of different Mizo communities could be found in Aizawl. Most of the population of Aizawl are followers of Christianity. The cultural heritage of the Mizos is very rich and celebrations of different kinds of rituals and festivals can be seen in Aizawl. The Mizo people living in Aizawl still preserve their traditions and customs. Let us have a closure look at the colourful culture of Aizawl.

Dance and Music in Aizawl

Cheraw danceMizos in Aizawl are very fond of traditional dance and music. Dances and music of Mizos are Cheraw, the most colourful dance of the Mizos where long bamboo staves are used for dancing. Khuallam dance is performed by a group of dancers, while Chheih Lam is the dance over a round of rice-beer in the evening.

People and Dress of Aizawl

It is believed by historians that the Mizos are part of the Mongolian race and influence of Christianity has helped them to prosper in fields of education and culture. The traditional dress of the Mizos which is also followed by the people livinig in Aizawl is Puran and Puanchei for women and red and white coast for men. The designs and colours of the clothes worn by women are bright and mostly hand woven.

Festivals in Aizawl

Festivals in Aizawl

Different festivals are celebrated in Aizawl. Mim Kut is celebrated during the month of August and September. Chapchar kut is celebrated in March after completion of jhum operation and Pawl Kut is cerebrated during December when the the harvest is over.

Art and Craft of Aizawl

Art and craft is one of the most important aspects of the culture of Aizawl. The people of Aizawl have a rich tradition of art and craft rooted in their lifestyle. The skilled tribal craftsman and artisans here are apt in products of cane and bamboo like baskets, furniture, hats, pottery and  weaving.

Food of Aizawl

Food is another important part of the culture of Aizawl. Diverse food habits could be seen in Aizawl. The people of Aizawl are lovers of ethnic and authentic Mizo food. The primary concept of food of Aizawl is that more of non vegetarian food is consumed and the food is basically boiled with less oil and spices and more herbs. Click here for food in Aizawl

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